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BizReport : May 25, 2009 Archive

May 25, 2009 Archive

Advertising | May 25, 2009

comScore: The best ad nets for your buck

If you're thinking about adding an advertising network to your next campaign, check out the latest data from comScore. The metrics firm has ranked the top performing advertising networks for April, finding that AOL's Platform-A remains in the top spot. >>

Social Marketing | May 25, 2009

bigmouthmedia reveals Britain's biggest business socnet users

Behind the hype, British business leaders are embracing social networking tools, albeit many have yet to get to grips with the media. bigmouthmedia recently undertook a survey to find out who the biggest business users of social networking are in the UK. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 25, 2009

Mobile coupon apps aid location-based marketing

Once a mantra uttered by property developers and real estate agents, "location, location, location" is now the goal of many marketers, especially those in the mobile marketing sphere. >>

Internet | May 25, 2009

Pew: Online classified services devastating newspaper revenues

Online classified services such as Craigslist have seen user numbers soar while newspapers continue to experience revenue losses as a consequence, according to new data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 25, 2009

Vlingo: Texters do it while driving

Despite bans by law enforcement and their own common sense, a recent study from mobile research firm Vlingo finds that more and more texters are texting while they are driving. To date, just over one quarter of US drivers are sending or receiving text messages as they are driving. >>

Search Marketing | May 25, 2009

Microsoft's Kumo offers semantic, ecommerce options

Microsoft's new search engine, Kumo, could be the search engine that changes how and when consumers search online. The search engine is still in the works, but according to several reports, the engine will offer a new focus on organic results, layout and advertising. >>

Advertising | May 25, 2009

How to get the most from rich media ads

Going viral is one of the huge benefits for advertisers in the video space. Between social networks, online video hubs and quirky campaigns many advertisers are finding a new audience online. This recently happened when Fox Interactive partnered with Pointroll to promote the release of the film "The Day The Earth Stood Still". >>

Research | May 25, 2009

Study: Women spending 40% more time at home

Solutions Research Group is releasing the numbers from their recent "Women & Digital Life" research study. Over the course of several weeks, researchers interviewed more than 2,000 women from different stages of their lives - teens, young couples, moms, empty nesters and those just starting out in life. One of the most interesting findings is how the recession is impacting women. >>