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BizReport : May 13, 2009 Archive

May 13, 2009 Archive

Mobile Marketing | May 13, 2009

Report: US mobile revenue tops $10 billion

According to a new report from Chetan Sharma Consulting mobile data revenue topped $10 billion in the US during Q1 2009. The report finds that nearly 66% of US mobile subscribers are using some kind of non-voice service during the research period. Also for the first time, mobile subscription rates in the US topped 90%. >>

Search Marketing | May 13, 2009

Hitwise: Paid search sinks fast

Many online marketers are turning to paid search to help them through the recent economic downturn, but a new report from Hitwise may put a damper on that move. Researchers tracking paid search for the month leading up to May 9 found that paid search declined by 26% overall. >>

Email Marketing | May 13, 2009

Lyris acquires UK's Facultas

Online marketing hub Lyris has Facultas, a long time partner in the UK. Facultas is a full service email marketing company, which now gives Lyris a global foothold in the areas of email, search and content management sectors of the online world. >>

Advertising | May 13, 2009

AdBlock Plus to help sites get ads in front of visitors

Wladimir Palant claims he isn't trying to kill online advertising and is even proposing revisions to his ad blocking product which would allow site owners to plead their case to site visitors to allow ads to be displayed. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 13, 2009

UK mobile advertising industry growth strong

Two recent reports on the UK's mobile advertising industry show that, despite marketers cutting budgets and global financial distress, both the number of advertisers and the amount being spent is higher than previously expected. >>

Advertising | May 13, 2009

Report: Interactive marketing to top $25 billion

Within the next year interactive marketing efforts will increase by 11%, to reach $25.6 billion. The report, from Forrester Research, predicts that by 2014 the interactive spend will top $50 billion. >>

Advertising | May 13, 2009

ShortTail Media platform creates new ad inventory

A new partnership between ShortTail Media, Schematic and Visible Measures could help marketers monetize not only video but other content on a website. The platform, called Digital 30, gives marketers the ability to distribute video spots online and also monetizes search or headline links leading to the video content. >>

Search Marketing | May 13, 2009

IAB releases click measurement guidelines

After years of research and planning, the first click measurement guidelines have been release by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Why create guidelines for click measurement? >>

Research | May 13, 2009

Report: Newspaper circulation sinks

If the news that several big name newspapers were ceasing print publication weren't enough, there is more bad news for the newspaper industry. According to a recent Audit Bureau of Circulations, for the six months leading up to March 31 daily papers were losing subscribers at a 7% rate. >>