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BizReport : May 12, 2009 Archive

May 12, 2009 Archive

Ecommerce | May 12, 2009

OFT: British mistrust of Internet holding back online market

Online shopping isn't exactly new-fangled and mysterious anymore. It's become part of everyday life for many people around the globe. However, years down the line, consumers still have a lack of trust in the Internet, particularly in the U.K. >>

Advertising | May 12, 2009

iProspect: Search, display ads work closely together

New research shows search and display advertising happily co-existing and even goes so far as to suggest that search can be an alternative response mechanism for display advertising. >>

Advertising | May 12, 2009

Report: Moms feel ignored by marketers

Mother's Day may have just passed and mom's may be basking in the glow of flowers, scented candles and silly cards, but many are also thinking about upcoming tasks: making dinner, dressing for school, laundry and trips to the grocery store. Some mom's are also ignoring marketing messages. >>

Search Marketing | May 12, 2009

Netbase launches semantic search platform

Basing a search campaign on more than keywords could spell the difference between average and top performing. A new platform from Netbase could help health advertisers better engage consumers because it bases search query results on the semantics of a sentence rather than simple keywords. >>

Email Marketing | May 12, 2009

Lyris tool helps marketers tap power of Twitter

Although consumers have been Twittering for over a year, many marketers are just now beginning to harness the power of micro-blogging site Twitter. The problem seems to be than many marketers aren't sure how to get the most from the service; enter a solution from Lyris HQ which enables marketers to share, monitor and measure Twitter. >>