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BizReport : May 1, 2009 Archive

May 1, 2009 Archive

Ecommerce | May 01, 2009 What attracts consumers to a particular online retailer?

While online shoppers still rank price as a significant deciding factor when choosing which online retailer to buy from, a recent NRF and study found that other elements also come into play. >>

Trends & Ideas | May 01, 2009

Printed newspapers to decline at faster rate than initially anticipated

This year has already witnessed the closing down of several newspapers and decreases in publication runs for others. Now, according to one expert, as recession-hit advertisers shift spending away from daily newspapers, print versions could become a thing of the past more rapidly that previously thought. >>

Research | May 01, 2009

Study: Matures most interested in going green

Green may be a big buzzword on the news and in watercooler conversations, but a new study from Generate Insight consumers may be talking about going green but only a few are actually taking action. Researchers found that Mature consumers (age 55+) are actually most likely to 'always recycle'. >>

Research | May 01, 2009

Fetchback: Retargeting can outperform search

According to a new study from online ad retargeter Fetchback retargeting ads can increase campaign ROI up to 100% more than paid search. The study found that marketers using retargeted ads saw ROI increases anywhere from 74% to 112% over paid search campaigns. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 01, 2009

Compete: Smartphone users pay bank for apps

If you're looking for the best way to engage the mobile audience it may not be simply in advertising but in app-vertising. According to new research from Compete, smartphone users are rapidly increasing the number of apps purchased for their phones. >>