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BizReport : April 7, 2009 Archive

April 7, 2009 Archive

Social Marketing | April 07, 2009

Study: Discovery drives social media use

Integrated marketing agency TMW took a closer look at why Internet users use social media and found self-development to be a key driver. >>

Email Marketing | April 07, 2009

eROI: Email marketers fail to track results

Almost 20% of email marketers in the U.S. have no way of knowing whether or not their email campaigns have been successful, according to a new survey from interactive and email marketing agency eROI. >>

Social Marketing | April 07, 2009

Time spent social networking up 93%

American broadband users are spending more time communicating online than they are seeking entertainment, according to a new study from Netpop Research. Or could it be that the boundaries between entertainment and communication are blurring? >>

Law & Regulation | April 07, 2009

Can-SPAM, now Can-m-SPAM

A new bill has been introduced in the US Senate to help block mobile spam. The proposed m-SPAM act is aimed at reducing unsolicited text messages by increasing government oversight of commercial mobile messaging. >>

Advertising | April 07, 2009

Is behavioral targeting really anonymous?

Practically since behavioral targeting became a norm setting in online marketing proponents and opponents have argued the anonymous factor. Companies and platforms offering behavioral targeting insist that there is no privacy risk in tracking anonymous users' online actions; privacy advocates disagree. And now two university researchers have found that this private data may not be so private. >>

Advertising | April 07, 2009

Report: Female gaming habits accelerate

A new survey from MI6, a marketing professionals organization, and E-Poll market Research has found a few new trends in gaming that could make or break your next in-game ad campaign.. One of the most interesting finds is that mobiles, specifically the iPhone, are beginning to push the gaming market. >>

Research | April 07, 2009

Survey: Employees want more company information

Businesses may be more transparent than ever with their employees, but employees still want a bit more information. That according to a recent survey by Heyman Associates. Researchers found that while 71% of employees felt they had the right amount of information about their employers, they would still like just a bit more. >>