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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : March 31, 2009

Wrap up your sales

Convenience is a big driver of online shopping, and in the current financial environment, so is cost. While consumers may be buying lower-cost items for gifts, they will want them to look a million dollars when presented to the recipient. So why not give your shoppers a little extra in the form of a comprehensive gift wrapping service?

by Helen Leggatt

Gift wrapping services have long been featured on online retailers' websites, but many treat it as an after-thought, whereas it could mean the difference between a sale and the abandonment of a shopping cart.

Increasingly, consumers want the entire package from a retailer when purchasing items for family and friends and even corporate gifts. Some may be spending less, but want the gift to make as big an impact as possible, especially visually. What better than a beautifully wrapped gift with a personalized tag to make that crucial first-impression?

However, many retailers fall short by offering a very limited range of wrapping options. Some even limit their wrappings to branded formats or a small range of generic designs that don't inspire shoppers.

Here are some tips to make the most of your gift wrapping options:

1. Expand your range of wrappings

Instead of two or three generic designs, consider the occasions for which your customers are buying gifts. Cater for birthdays for old and young, wedding anniversaries or baby showers.

2. Introduce seasonal style

Special holidays and events such as Christmas, Valentines and Mother's Day can be planned for in advance. Offering seasonally-related wrapping provides shoppers with a final gift that is tailored to the event they are celebrating.

3. Go green

Consumers are increasingly concerned about recycling and the environmental impact of their purchases. By offering a green alternative - such as recycled paper, re-usable gift bags or even fabric wrapping - consumers can make an environmentally-friendly choice.

4. Don't limit your customer's creativity

A basic gift wrapping service may not be enough for some consumers and some are willing to pay a little extra to make their purchase look extra-special. By offering an up-scaled service such as higher quality wrapping materials, fancy bows, glitter, hand-written, personalized gift tags and such like, you can draw in those consumers who really want to make their gift's presentation a big deal.

5. Show customers what they'll get

Not matter how flowery your gift wrapping sales copy is, the end result is visual. Show your customers exactly what they'll get by using photography of wrapped items, perhaps even a video of the wrapping process or or a catalog of previously prepared items. The illustration of the quality of the service will put customer's minds at ease and make their decisions easier.

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