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BizReport : March 23, 2009 Archive

March 23, 2009 Archive

Ecommerce | March 23, 2009

Report: Three R's influence online shoppers

School children may learn more than their 'Three R's' - Read, wRiting and aRithmethic - these days but the Three R's are still influencing online shoppers. According to a new report from Bazaarvoice and JupiterResearch online Ratings, Recommendations and Reviews continue to greatly influence the buying decisions of online shoppers. >>

Blogs & Content | March 23, 2009

New search tool sifts for greater relevancy

There is a new search tool from the Financial Time Group which could give search marketers a new direction in relevant search. The tool sifts through news headlines and then returns results based on a number of targeting tools including geography, themes and even the relationship between people. >>

Social Marketing | March 23, 2009

Nielsen tracks Twitter's tremendous growth

The micro-blogging platform, Twitter, has witnessed an exponential increase in unique visitors over the last year, its speed of growth vastly outperforming any of the other sites in Nielsen's Member Communities category. >>

Email Marketing | March 23, 2009

Gmail introduces new email feature

Why is it that the realization you've forgotten to attach that attachment to your email always hits you the second you press 'send'? Or is it just me? No, I didn't think so. Now, help is at hand, thanks to Gmail's new 'Undo Send' feature. >>

Ecommerce | March 23, 2009

Google Checkout rolls out subscription beta

Google Checkout has added a new feature that will allow merchants to charge buyers on a regular, recurring basis without the consumer having to do a thing. >>