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BizReport : February 10, 2009 Archive

February 10, 2009 Archive

Social Marketing | February 10, 2009

eMarketer predicts continued growth in number of socnet users

A new report from eMarketer estimates that in the next few years the number of users of social networking sites in the U.S. will rise to 114.6 million people, or 62% of the U.S. online population. Yet despite the potential, social networking sites have still to solve the problem of monetization. >>

Ecommerce | February 10, 2009

Mobile-friendly recommendation site launched

There's been a lot of talk recently about the increase in use of mobile phones while shopping in-store and the role the mobile Internet plays in providing consumers with the information they need to make a purchase decision. A new recommendation site may be just what consumers are looking for. >>

Law & Regulation | February 10, 2009

European agreement signed to improve online safety of teens

Cyber-bullying is on the increase, with over half of teens experiencing it in some European countries, found a recent survey. With the aim of stamping out cyber-bullying, and improving the safety of social networking users aged 18 and under, 17 Internet companies have signed a European agreement. >>

Advertising | February 10, 2009

Forrester: European ad spend to increase only 10%

The predictions aren't exactly dismal but a recent Forrester Research finds that the online ad spend in Europe will increase only about 10% in 2009; that is down from a 30% increase in 2007. What this means is that while the online ad situation isn't dire it is also not rosey. >>

Research | February 10, 2009

How to better engage the boomer marketplace

Vitamins, joint pain relief and affordable insurance. These are the domains of marketers targeting the baby boomer generation. But are they the only domains? Not hardly. Baby boomers aren't just thinking about their health and well-being they are purchasing toys from grandchildren, advising older children about first car purchases and even influencing their children's choice in a new car. But finding the right boomer at the right time can be a tough sell. Here are a few tips to better engage the boomer marketplace. >>

Social Marketing | February 10, 2009

Influencer ads launched for the social space

To capture the attention of social consumers many brands have found they have to dig deeper than traditional banner ads. A new offering from Popular Media could help marketers engage consumers by encouraging them to connect with friends around brands. >>