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BizReport : January 8, 2009 Archive

January 8, 2009 Archive

Mobile Marketing | January 08, 2009

Microsoft, Verizon partner for mobile search

Verizon Wireless has struck a deal with Microsoft for mobile search; according to the deal Microsoft will be the default mobile search provider for Verizon phones. The deal will help Microsoft as they battle search giant Google for a bigger piece of the mobile search pie. >>

Research | January 08, 2009

Geriatrics gear up with gadgets

A new joint study from the Consumer Electronics Association and TNS Compete discovered that age is no barrier when it comes to tweeting, searching and texting. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 08, 2009

Brand marketers embrace mobile apps

Brand marketers are embracing the brave new mobile world and plunging consumers into branded environments that are far more interactive and viral than bland WAP banners and location-based text ads. >>

Blogs & Content | January 08, 2009

Will Yangaroo's US patent give content distributors more control?

It very well could. Yangaroo's 'Content Distribution System and Method' patent (United States Patent Application #10/431,854) has been allowed by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent is said to give content distributors the ability to select who can view their content. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 08, 2009

Forecast: Mobile broadband to triple by 2013

The latest forecast from Parks Associates suggests that US mobile broadband subscribers will more than triple by 2013; growth from 46 million in 2008 to more than 140 million subscribers in 2013. In the same time period researchers suggest that the sale of Smartphones will increase to more than 60 million. >>

Email Marketing | January 08, 2009

How to craft a great welcome message

Despite the abundance of email marketing best practices, some email marketers are still falling short in customer expectations - especially with the welcome letter. Here are a few tips to create a great welcome letter and make that welcome letter mesh with later communications to enhance brandability. >>