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BizReport : January 5, 2009 Archive

January 5, 2009 Archive

Ecommerce | January 05, 2009

comScore: Overall holiday sales down, first time since 2001

comScore has tallied up the figures for the 2008 holiday season and, while most had no expectations of any real growth in the e-commerce sector, few expected a drop in sales. But it wasn't bad news across the board. >>

Ecommerce | January 05, 2009

2008 Holiday sales "best ever", boasts Amazon

While many online retailers may not have had such a Merry Christmas, Amazon is boasting that theirs was the best ever. To prove their point the online behemoth has released some fun facts about what it sold, and how much. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 05, 2009

AdMob: iPhone WiFi ad requests up 52%

According to the latest reports from AdMob, iPhone WiFi ad requests (worldwide) saw a 52% increase from October 2008 to November 2008. This gives iPhone just over 6% share of global ad requests and a nearly 10% share of US ad requests. >>

Search Marketing | January 05, 2009

What you can learn from hot holiday keywords

The holidays are past, but consumers are still hitting their favorite shopping hotspots - which means etailers can still turn a profit despite the down economy in the US. How? By taking a few notes from the holiday 'keyword' season. >>

Viral Marketing | January 05, 2009

Un-Roll ad unit launched by Blinkx

A new ad unit is now available for video marketers; the un-roll unit has been launched by blinkx, the world's largest video search engine. The ad unit allows users and advertisers to engage throughout a video. >>