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BizReport : Viral Marketing : December 23, 2008

Parachute jumping topless women - the best commercial ever made?

Does sex sell or distract from your campaign message? Controversy is spinning over a brave online video campaign featuring dozens of topless sexy chicks parachute jumping to form a sky message "Siemens washing machine only 4999" or about $900.

by Sasha Puhova

The ad belongs to a Danish advertiser Fleggaard- a small chain of supermarkets on the German - Danish border that expanded to a webshop about a year ago. The text at the end of the commercial reads "Lige over grænsen" ("Just over the border") - an irony, a play of words as the shops are on the German side close to the border. Just as their sales pitch, the ad itself takes it to the other side of the conventional borders and norms of advertising. The Danes have done it again and placed Denmark as pioneers of taking it a step further.

The online video is part of a larger campaign shown on the Danish television where the central figure of the commercial is surrounded by the sexy beauties cleaning his office. Meanwhile he is telling the audience about his new commercial that is not suitable for television, directing people to see the video online.

Michael Arrington, one of the most influential people on the internet as claimed by the Forbes and Wired magazines, put it this way - "quite simply the best commercial ever made". Others viciously disagree. The ad has been called offensive and brainless by a female blogger on bitchbuzz while another male blogger added that such "sexist ads cheapen men as well as women."

A Danish marketing specialist Lars Pynt Andersen, who wrote his PhD on development of Danish TV-advertising, says that using sex in commercials can be a two-edged sword. It has to flow with the rest of the content or it will distract and ruin your message.

According to Fleggaard's marketing chef Nanna Harder, Fleggard was trying to reach the 700.000 individualistic men who are interested in over-the-border trading and online electronic goods. The popularity of the ad is hard to dispute as it now has been viewed all across the globe reaching hundreds of thousands more. now attracts some 30.000-40.000 people per day instead of the usual 2.000 to 10.000.

Judge for yourself whether it's demeaning or brilliant. Be aware though that it is strictly not office material.

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  • Aggie

    Not offensive to me but a bit unbelievable that anyone could survive a fall from an airplane into a pool.

  • Mike S

    I had no idea that using that music was an affront, but finding healthy fertile looking females offensive is pretty tough. They can have healthy babies, and they obviously exercise and stay in shape, nothing at all wrong with that.

  • arqpgl

    Please, show some respect for the great music.

    Walkyries did never looks like silicone whores

  • Paul Shishis

    Better than dropping bombs on people : )

  • magu

    Perfect expression of the rise of the Slut as the consequence of the technology developed by the middle class male. The slut in the pool was a nice touch.



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