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BizReport : December 1, 2008 Archive

December 1, 2008 Archive

Mobile Marketing | December 01, 2008

Ring up more deals with Mobile Tuesday

First there was Black Friday. Then came Cyber Monday. Now make room for Mobile Tuesday as a mobile marketing firm hopes to cash in on a traditionally slow day for shopping. >>

Search Marketing | December 01, 2008

Yahoo Publicidad launched

Yahoo is the destination of choice for U.S. Hispanics and the portal is being revamped to offer more relevant marketing opportunities across the site and to give marketers access to all Hispanics regardless of their language or location. >>

Viral Marketing | December 01, 2008

Viral games for hire from Contagion Media

Sometimes viral marketing needs no help, it snowballs in popularity and before you know it your YouTube video or flash-based game has gone viral. However, the whole production process can be expensive and worse still, viral success is far from guaranteed. >>

Ecommerce | December 01, 2008

New platform links manufacturer information with retailer websites

The latest trend in ecommerce is for consumers to shop online but purchase in-store. The WebCollage platform can help brands reach more consumers by linking manufacturer specifications and information on retailer websites, thereby giving the consumer more of what they want - specific product information. >>

Blogs & Content | December 01, 2008

For bloggers, consumers it's all about relevance

Just four short years ago, most consumers didn't know a blog from a news organization's website. Now, it seems consumers have their own blogs and are horning in on so-called professional content sites. What does that mean for advertisers? More places to advertise - if they do a bit of research first. >>

Ecommerce | December 01, 2008

Black Friday sales up only 1%, what about Cyber Monday?

Black Friday has come and gone with barely a peep as far as growth; the question is, will sales remain flat through the holiday season? According to a comScore report, Black Friday online sales reach $534 million, a 1% increase year over year. Reports from HitWise indicate that pre-Black Friday sales have also been flat, although traffic is increasing. >>