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BizReport : November 24, 2008 Archive

November 24, 2008 Archive

Blogs & Content | November 24, 2008

Electronics and apparel purchases driven by new media

New media including blogs, videogame ads and product placement, are gaining influence with consumers, particularly among the much-coveted 18-34 age group, but traditional media's influence remains steady. >>

Ecommerce | November 24, 2008

Backchannelmedia linking TV ads to Internet

Has Backchannelmedia Inc. found the missing click between television and the Internet? In a bid to raise the conversion rate among television viewers who go on to visit an e-commerce site after viewing an ad, the technology firm is testing a new system. >>

Research | November 24, 2008

Britain top in youth Internet access survey

Youngsters around the world are logging on to the Internet in increasing numbers, according to the World Internet Report by the Center for the Digital Future, with some country's kids being afforded better access than others. >>

Viral Marketing | November 24, 2008 integrates local video, advertising

Online video continues to rise; this has lead, a local search network, to integrate local video advertising throughout the local search website. The localized hub is hoping to cash in on a bigger share of the video pie. >>

Search Marketing | November 24, 2008

Google releases new tool to gauge user interest

A new search-based keyword tool from Google could give online marketers better insight into consumer's wants and needs. The new tool, released this month, gives marketers a sense of what consumers are actually looking for when entering a search query. >>

Ecommerce | November 24, 2008

Etailers: Pricing is key this season

Competitive pricing is important all the time, but this holiday shopping season, competitive pricing is going to be more important than ever. Especially for online merchants. This, according to a new survey from Nielsen Online. >>