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BizReport : Research : October 02, 2008

Survey: Surfing Internet makes Aussie men happier than sex

It seems there are many things that make us happy, like petting our pooches or having a drink with friends. Now, surfing the Internet has made its way into the Happiness Index in Australia, especially among men.

by Helen Leggatt

Just over half of men said happiness was surfing the Internet, playing online games or visiting social networking sites such as Facebook, compared to just 39 percent of women.

In fact, surfing the Internet makes Australian men happier than sex according to the 2008 Australian Happiness Index which was based on the responses of over 8,500 Australians aged between 18 and 64.

Women also put surfing the Internet in their top ten, although not as high on the list as men. Women preferred reading a good book or petting their dogs.

"Australians are made happy on a week-to-week basis, not by possessions and achievements, but by entertaining experiences and by meaningful interactions with others," said Karen Phillips, managing director of The Leading Edge, the company that compiled the data, via The Sydney Morning Herald.

"This index gives insight into the way we tick, with the results being useful to Australian businesses who want to better communicate with their customers.”

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  • Steven M.

    These surveys only tell you part of the truth, speaking as a soon to be 42 y.o. American male us guys have always been happier because it's just our character.

    Want proof? Just watch the american show called "AFV" and see what I mean.

    95% of the funny business on this show is performed my men because we're the ones who do prat falls and pranks, gags, jokes, skits for a laugh.

    Every relationship i've been involved with ended up with her saying: "Why don't you grow up? or "Can't you be serious for a moment? or You're acting like a big baby."

    Whenever an event happens that could allow for doing some funny stunt it's always us guys who would do it because it makes us happy.

    AFV is written and directed by Vin Di Bonner (a guy), The Naked Gun series with Leslie Neilsen directed by Jim Zucker and him brother (guys).

    Women detest the pranks, fart jokes, streaking naked, raunchy, low brow, tasteless humor us men do for amusement.

    It's not just about money and employment status, it's about us being ourselves.

    Honestly ask any man on the street about my comment and if they speak freely you shall learn the truth.

    "I won't grow up, i don't want to wear a tie, or a serious expression, in the middle of July.

    If growing up was meant to be beneath my dignity to climb a tree I won't grow up, never grow up not me."

    - Peter Pan



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