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BizReport : Advertising : October 06, 2008

Report: Anywhere Connectors are good for marketers

Marketing to technologically savvy consumers can be difficult but a new study from The Yankee Group could help marketers engage and convert tech shoppers heading into the holiday buying season. The report finds that tech consumers fall into five categories but the similarities - and differences - in those categories can make a difference in your next marketing campaign.

by Kristina Knight

The Yankee Group survey found that there are five segments of "anywhere consumers" who connect, browse and surf at will. These are the segments that tech marketers should concentrate upon.

The smallest group (5%) is the "actualized anywheres"; these consumers are between the ages of 18 and 44 and have an average household income just under $100,000; they are racially diverse but don't make high-tech purchases just to be the first with a new toy. These consumers buy gadgets because they feel they have to be connected at all times.

Next in the "outlet jockey" (15%). These consumers say they need to be connected to remain productive; their average household income is $85,000 and are most interested in the "latest and greatest" tech gadgets.

Third is the "digital shut-in" (20%); these consumers earn around $80,000, own a number of new devices including HDTVs, gaming consoles and mobile devices but they don't use any one device as well or as often as they could. These consumers don't feel connectivity is a priority but they still want the latest gadgets.

The fourth group (22%) is the "technophyte". These consumers follow the trends in the tech world; they want the latest gadgets but are content to get them just after the influentials make their purchases. This group earns about $65,000 and so spend a lot of money on tech products.

The final group (40%) are "analogs". Earning about $50,000 per year, these consumers like new gadgets but are constrained by price. Marketers should approach these consumers by letting them know how much better technology can make their lives.

All of these consumers want to be connected. For tech marketers to engage these consumers, three basic ad campaign strategies should be used. For the first three segments, focus on the new capabilities of tech gear. For the fourth segment, concentrate on what a new mobile phone can help them accomplish and for the last group, marketers should focus on price as well as connectivity.

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