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BizReport : Advertising : October 06, 2008

JupiterResearch: Consumers should retain broadband

With consumers tightening their belts, it is likely that many will cut down on nights out at the movies and even pay television channels, but according to a recent JupiterResearch report consumers aren't likely to cut back on broadband spending. Researchers found that about 33% of consumers will not go to as many movies, 12% will likely cancel premium cable packages but only 2% are likely to stop their at-home broadband service.

by Kristina Knight

Why the difference? The report states the additional content offered online is seen as a greater need by consumers than simply watching a television program or going to a movie. The biggest reason, though, is that consumers need at-home entertainment if they aren't going out as often and if they are cutting back on television, it makes sense that they would keep Internet connections hot.

First, Internet connections can also be used to stay connected to work. But also, with content sites offering full-length movies, social networking, blogs and other types of content, consumers can get their fix of entertainment without expending a lot of extra cash.

This is good news for marketers, too, because with consumers continuing to log on despite the economic times, online platforms will become a better way to catch consumers' attention, keep it and create more sales conversions.

Tags: broadband internet, JupiterResearch, online marketing

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  • Teresa

    Well, in my opinion people is cutting down on broadband as well.

    I think that nowadays we have a lot of options when we want to install broadband at home, and in fact we have websites, this one is the one that I used (http://www.simplifydigital...., to compare and find out which broadband is the cheapest one and what services they give to you. So we can see people is using these ways and other to get the best deals...

  • It makes sense that people are not cutting down on broadband use as much as many other things, it has become a very important aspect of a lot of peoples lives, because of its versatility and wide use.



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