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BizReport : October 1, 2008 Archive

October 1, 2008 Archive

Search Marketing | October 01, 2008

Eyeblaster takes marketers beyond the last click

With display advertising click-through rates in decline it’s important for marketers to understand the reasons behind the lack of interaction. Eyeblaster has released a tool that allows marketers to track consumer behavior and look beyond the last click. >>

Research | October 01, 2008

ACI surveys consumer online concerns

Viruses, spam, privacy and identity theft still weigh heavy on consumers’ minds, according to a survey by the American Consumer Institute’s Center for Citizen Research. >>

Advertising | October 01, 2008 guarantees audience reach and frequency is building on its 'Brand Increase Guarantee' by introducing a new ad program, 'Total Guarantee', that guarantees marketers a combination of reach, average frequency and ad effectiveness. >>

Social Marketing | October 01, 2008

How to turn a forum into a social media hub

Most marketers know the power of an online forum. Forums can answer consumer questions, share tips and tricks and give the consumer a greater loyalty to the brand. But, can a simple forum be easily tweaked to form a social media outlet that will appeal to even more users? >>

Advertising | October 01, 2008

Is On Networks increased syndication deal good for marketers?

This week, On Networks announced that their digital AllScreen Syndication Networks is able to syndicate any television show and accompanying ad to viewers in the US and Europe. With more than 100 million viewers in their network it sounds like a good idea for marketers, right? >>

Research | October 01, 2008

Japanese surfers are sporty

It could be as simple as a holdover from the Olympics, but Japanese surfers are increasingly turning to online outlets to get their sports fix. According to a recent comScore report sports sites saw a 17% increase in traffic from Japanese visitors from July to August. >>