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BizReport : Viral Marketing : August 12, 2008

Why Content Is Key For Video Ads

It is no secret that marketers are still trying to figure out exactly how to appeal to the new online video viewer. Are these entities just like television viewers? Do they want the same types of ads that blog readers want? Is there really a difference between how users engage site to site? Although there are no hard and fast rules - at least not yet - studies show that video viewers are different from television viewers. Which means marketers need to rethink their online video plans.

by Kristina Knight

First, the platform. Although there are a plethora of online video hubs only a few have been show to have truly engaged viewers. Without already engaged viewers, online video campaigns have no chance. So, invest some time into researching the different video hubs. Find out who their audience is, how engaged the audience is and when (time of day) the audience is most likely to engage. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can begin contemplating how your next campaign can better appeal to the user base.

Second, television ads don't work online. Forget about taking your television ad or movie theater ad and placing it online. Viewers won't watch it and, in some cases, will go out of their way to avoid brands trying to engage them in this way. An online video campaign needs to be different from a television campaign and the first difference is length. Online video viewers don't want to watch a :30 pre or post roll ad. The preferred length, at least for now, is :15. This means the message needs to be clear, concise but still different.

Finally, before deploying the short, innovative ad you've come up with, do a little more research. Contact the hubs you'll be advertising with to target the ads to the right segment. Contrary to popular belief, online video viewers are not only men between the ages of 18 and 35; online video viewers are also mothers, teens and boomers. Knowing which segment is engaging with the content you've targeted as the best option for your campaign will be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful campaign.

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