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BizReport : Research : August 11, 2008

Should advertisers consider cookie-less ads?

It seems each week, another headline touts the demise of online advertisers because of privacy concerns. Recently in the United State, the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce has taken up the flag and is considering more changes to acceptable and unacceptable online advertising practices.

by Kristina Knight

According to some reports, the committee is already tracking online advertising practices to ensure that too much personal information is not collected. To that end, Yahoo and Microsoft have already changed the type of opt-out programs offered for their advertisers. These programs are still tracking consumers but the information isn't necessarily given to advertisers. With two major players changing some of their practices, other ad solutions are following suit.

One solution is a cookie-less semantic advertising offering from Peer39. The ad platform serves ads to users based on the relevance of that ad to the content already on the page. The unique aspect of the platform is that it does not collect or deploy cookies to track users after leaving or as they are browsing those websites. Because cookies are not used, user data and information is kept more private; this gives this platform a bit of an edge on platforms still using cookies - at least as far as the government is concerned.

Tags: advertising cookies, online advertising, semantic advertising

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  • "- at least as far as the government is concerned."

    This is indeed good only for government. It does no good to webmasters as cookies are vital to affiliate programs, where the referrer's id is stored as cookie on client machine. When the client registers for services of the advertiser, the cookie tells the referer's id and the webmaster serving the ad is paid is commision. This thing is impossible without cookies!

    What's required here that no personal information should be collected. If such information is collected, it should be kept private and shared with government authorities only.. that too on written request.

    And yes, cookies are not the only things which collect private information. Maximum information is collected when the browser requests a page. This infomation like ip address is the one which can be used to specifically isolate a user!



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