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BizReport : Email Marketing : August 28, 2008

How to get more from email list generation

Every email marketer wants more list subscribers, but the fact is that a huge email list doesn't necessarily mean a huge ROI from any email campaign. Most recipients skim over email marketing messages or delete them without a read. Knowing that, marketers are still trying to find ways to reach more subscribers when they should be trying to reach their existing subscriber base in a better way. Here are a few tips.

by Kristina Knight

First, more email doesn't necessarily mean more conversions. Consumers are inundated by email from friends, colleagues and marketers. One additional email when they aren't in-market will likely fall on deaf ears. Instead, find out what consumers want and when; that way you can send more messages when the consumer is in-market, hopefully increasing the campaign ROI.

Second, make each message valuable. Inside each message should be an instigating factor: an offer, a special deal, a reason for opening the message and clicking through. Many marketers are simply not following through on this simple premise. Rather than giving their list members something more, they are regurgitating stale website copy and offering their subscribers the same deal that every other consumer could get. By offering subscribers something special, marketers make them feel special which makes them more likely to read and click through.

Third, don't send the same message week after week and I don't just mean content. If consumers only get content filled messages, only receive a specific set of offers or only receives a newsletter, they are less likely to open the message because they think they've seen it before. By varying the types of messages sent and when they are sent, marketers are more likely to hit consumers when they are interested enough to click through.

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  • We've tried various email marketing techniques with opt-in, double opt-in, etc.. They've all worked to some degree or another but one thing that made the biggest difference was having a great looking HTML email. No matter what the content was, if they look fancy, they converted better!

    Constant Contact has some great templates but it's gotten to the point where you can recognize the format and see it as a marketing only item. If you knwo a little about HTML, you can make a uniqueone that will set upi apart.



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