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BizReport : Advertising archives : August 29, 2008

Broadband video: It's all about content

When it comes to online advertising, no two ads are alike and no two ad campaigns are. This leads to a lot of insecurity in the market, especially with new platforms popping up each year. For broadband video, there are definite rules to be followed.

by Kristina Knight

Alan Feldenkris, CEO of Brand New World says one of the first things marketers need to do is consider video length. Many marketers still think of online video as no different than television commercials. The truth is, the two are very different beasts and need to be approached with care.

"The best online video ads are closer to on-air promotional ads than traditional commercials," said Feldenkris. "A rich and robust brand identification from a promotion can be as effective in a :10 pre-roll than a full :30 ad."

Another tip is to use real people, not actors, in online ads. Brand New World's creative ad agency works with marketers to integrate design and technology for online marketers so that they can create a better connection with the consumer. That connection hinges on the ads that bring a brand to the user's attention.

According to Feldenkris, an online video ad should give the punctuation to a campaign, not all of the details. For online video, shorter is better. Also, marketers should really look at what is being offered as far as sponsorships. For many, user generated videos are not a good investment for an ad campaign. Instead, movie trailers and original web series should be given preference.

Some of the best options are the publishing arenas of online content hubs such as WebMD and Food Network. These verticals offer true stories as part of their content; these stories are very engaging for the consumer.

The real test on how a video will perform, however, is the content the ad supports.

"Technology enables ads to be relevant, which also segments," said Feldenkris. "We have to have strong content to engage the audience."

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