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BizReport : August 11, 2008 Archive

August 11, 2008 Archive

Research | August 11, 2008

Report: Online health site usage tapers off

The number of so-called cyber-chondriacs - those consumers consumed with needing medical information to self-diagnose or research ailments - is beginning to taper off. This according to a recent Harris Interactive Poll. What does this mean for advertisers? Perhaps just a simple warning that investing more and more of the ad budget to content sites geared toward health information should also reach it's maximum. >>

Advertising | August 11, 2008

Are You Serving Ads In the Right Online Places?

A new report from Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) sheds light on how ads are being served across America - and in turn how Americans are responding to those ads. Are your online ads being shown in the right places? >>

Advertising | August 11, 2008

New display ads increase user engagement

All of that information stating the display ad is a dead advertising space? Don't believe all the hype. Display ads aren't dead so much as in need of a revamp; something that a new display ad offering from RAMP Digital is helping to do. Their flash-based display ads have helped at least one brand increase clicks and conversion rates - straight from the ad. >>

Research | August 11, 2008

Should advertisers consider cookie-less ads?

It seems each week, another headline touts the demise of online advertisers because of privacy concerns. Recently in the United State, the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce has taken up the flag and is considering more changes to acceptable and unacceptable online advertising practices. >>