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BizReport : Social Marketing : June 23, 2008

Google, Yahoo to integrate instant messaging

Much of the attention surrounding the recent Google/Yahoo tie up centered on the search marketing aspect, however there was more to the announcement that initially met the eye.

by Helen Leggatt

The single sentence in the Google /Yahoo press release earlier this month that was somewhat overlooked was, “In addition, Yahoo! and Google agreed to enable interoperability between their respective instant messaging services, bringing easier and broader communication to users.”

What could this mean? Google has a meager 5% of audience reach compared to Yahoo’s 23%. However, Google have already tied up with AOL and Yahoo’s instant messaging service can be used with MSN, so will this “interoperability” kill other instant messaging services?

The merger of Google’s Google Talk and Yahoo’s IM service may be part of a wider advertising deal which could signal the rise in use of instant messaging to advertise directly to consumers. Currently, very little revenue is made from instant messaging services as the opportunities to advertise are restricted.

Tags: instant messaging, online advertising, social marketing

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  • Bring it on - if the big boys want to carve up the market so be it. Trouble with the Internet is it has a way of balancing these things and letting people vote with their feet - and wallets. Packing IM full of Ads and irritating links and pop-ups maybe just what is needed to spur less enlightened businesses into using only IM solutions with a proper SLA's and security.

  • The IM advertising market is about to explode and Google and Yahoo will be in the drivers' seat.

  • The IM advertising market is about to explode and Google and Yahoo will be in the driver seat while AOL and MSN look the other way.



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