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BizReport : June 10, 2008 Archive

June 10, 2008 Archive

Social Marketing | June 10, 2008

Here come the Hyperconnected

If you're an American or Chinese male working in I.T. or banking, are aged under 35 and reading this on your iPhone you're probably part of a growing segment of society that use numerous communications channels to the max. >>

Advertising | June 10, 2008

I.P. targeting finds expats surfing non-U.K. websites

Expatriates invariably visit websites based in their home countries to catch up on news or shop for favorite brands from “back home”. Global ad network Oridian has created a dedicated ad channel that will enable marketers to target this large audience. >>

Email Marketing | June 10, 2008

Optimize emails for image blocking, increase ROI

How would you like to up the ROI from your email marketing campaigns by $5 for every dollar spent? The Email Experience Council believes that with just a little knowledge of “inbox environment” it is achievable. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 10, 2008

3G Mobile TV vs. Mobile TV: Is One Better?

If you're wondering about the difference between 3G mobile TV and typical mobile TV, you aren't alone. 3G services are offered by mobile providers; mobile television is offered by television networks or syndication services. The main difference is the quality in video; currently mobile television is better quality that 3G. >>

Viral Marketing | June 10, 2008

Video consumption skewed by kids, teens

According to several recent reports, consumption of online video is going through the roof. Before you create an ad and buy a huge amount of video ad space, you may want to check out just one more report: this one indicates that kids and teens are consuming the majority of online video. >>

Research | June 10, 2008

JustLuxe, RedButler partner for luxury targeting

The luxury consumer is becoming harder to target. Not because these consumers aren't online or reading magazines but because with a recessionist economy in the US, even luxury consumers are cutting back. These coveted consumers are still around, however, the key is targeting them. >>