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BizReport : February 13, 2008 Archive

February 13, 2008 Archive

Mobile Marketing | February 13, 2008

Nokia launches a mobile ad network

Mobile phone developer Nokia has launched a premium advertising network. The Nokia Media Network includes mobile publishers like AccuWeather, Reuters and Hearst signed on to provide content for mobile users. >>

Search Marketing | February 13, 2008

Study: Some click-through rates may be distorted

Every click may not be created equally. According to a recent Starcom USA study, some so-called "heavy clickers" are distorting the click through rates that companies are receiving. Researchers from Starcom USA, Tacoda and comScore found that heavy clickers account for half of the click-throughs for display ads. >>

Email Marketing | February 13, 2008

Managing brand through email authentication

If you're keeping an eye on brand stability through social metrics, it is a good start. But marketers should also note how their brand is faring through email, which is why many brand marketers are now authenticating or certifying their email messages. >>

Advertising | February 13, 2008

Yahoo buys leading online video platform

In the midst of Microsoft's buy-out bid, Yahoo has today announced their acquisition of a leading online video platform enabling them to offer enhanced video and online advertising experiences. >>

Advertising | February 13, 2008

Guardian switches U.S. ad inventory to Reuters

A British newspaper that currently uses the Valueclick network for its U.S. online ad inventory is due to switch in an attempt to grab more of the U.S. market. >>