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BizReport : Trends & Ideas : January 10, 2008

MIVA launches ALOT toolbar

A new toolbar from MIVA could help websites increase traffic and help advertisers increase revenue. Called ALOT, the toolbar, created by direct marketing services provider MIVA, adds interactive elements to websites and web properties, search and start pages.

by Kristina Knight

alot%20logo.gif"We're delighted with the early results we've had," said Rob Roe, SVP/General Manager, MIVA Direct. "Since our soft launch in September in the US market we now have over 630,000 active ALOT Toolbar users."

In addition to the toolbar interface, ALOT offers widgets which can be contextually targeted according to the content on a website. The widgets can be branded; one such widget is from eBay and streams the most-searched terms on the auction website. Widgets can be created for nearly any kind of content and can stream information from RSS feeds, Newswires and other online content sources.

To ensure privacy, the interface requires users to give consent before downloading the toolbar or widgets; there is also a simple uninstall so that users can revert to other toolbars if the ALOT toolbar doesn't meet their needs.

"The ALOT brand has been created with relevancy, ease of use and transparency for the user in mind," said Roe. "The entire user experience is paramount to us - we want ALOT to become synonymous with the phrase 'making information easy'."

Google, eMusic and NetVibes will offer content through the toolbar and widget interfaces.

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  • Bessant Studio

    This tool bar limits your searches and directs you to the sites that pay it a fee.  This search engines just filters your searches to sites it chooses.  This may be the future with real products that help the independent business working to counter the effects of bad filters like these.  Do not use this toolbar!

  • Pete

    This toolbar also got on to one of the computers that I manage in the office. Fairly easy to remove, BUT IT WAS A KILLER TRYING TO FIND WHY EXCEL WAS LOCKING AND IEXPLORER WAS NOT OPENING.

    The company that puts this out should be shut down and designers thrown in jail for all the time hours of production time wasted by their toolbar.

  • EricP

    This is just a hijack tool, it was installed during the installation of open office.

  • Josh

    This toolbar is crap. Like all toolbars for Internet Explorer. It was installed on a client's system and stopped the iexplore.exe process from stopping when Internet Explorer was closed. This in turn stopped Microsoft Office documents from opening. nce it was removed, evertyhing went back to functioning correctly. BE WARNED. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!

  • lucy2141

    I can't find an easy removal button. I can't find anyway to remove it. It doesn't show up under my control panel in the add/remove programs.



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