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BizReport : November 1, 2007 Archive

November 1, 2007 Archive

Research | November 01, 2007

Study: Showing in context ads more efficient

A new study is out that indicates advertising in context is much more efficient than showing ads out of context. According to the Online Testing eXchance ads that are contextually relevant to the content on a webpage outperform ads that are not relevant. >>

Research | November 01, 2007

IAC reports 7% YoY growth rate for Q3

Third quarter earnings reports are in and IAC is reporting a strong showing with a reported $1.5 billion in revenue. That is a 7% increase in revenue over Q3 2006. >>

Social Marketing | November 01, 2007

Over-50s get social online

Thousands of over-50s have signed up for an online social networking site from the holiday and insurance company, Saga. >>

Social Marketing | November 01, 2007

Social marketing will outpace traditional ads by 2012

Here is another reason to invest in social media and conversational marketing: according to a recent study by TWI Surveys, Inc., social marketing efforts will outpace traditional marketing by 2012. >>

Social Marketing | November 01, 2007

Measuring consumer engagement not a priority in Europe

Advertisers across Europe are developing and executing social networking and viral marketing campaigns, without any real way of measuring their effectiveness and reach. >>

Advertising | November 01, 2007

AOL gives users behavioral targeting lesson

AOL expands on Tacoda's existing online campaign to educate their users on the use of behavioral targeting in advertising, and the benefits associated with it. >>