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BizReport : September 19, 2007 Archive

September 19, 2007 Archive

Social Marketing | September 19, 2007

Social networkers fake profile information

In light of recent moves toward enabling advertisers to target social networkers using personal information found in their profiles, a new survey questioning the authenticity of those profiles makes interesting reading. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 19, 2007

Google offers AdSense to mobile advertisers

It started with AdWords, now online giant Google is offering AdSense to mobile marketers. AdSense contextually targets ads to users based on mobile website content. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 19, 2007

GoFresh to launch new mobile ad platform

The world's first mobile - social advertising network is set to be launched in just a few days by GoFresh's mobile network. The platform offers advertisers the ability to target several different types of ads to mobile consumers. >>

Advertising | September 19, 2007

Acxiom acquisition to improve targeting capabilities

Online marketers interested in better targeting options will likely be interested in a new development. Acxiom, an interactive marketing company, has purchased EchoTarget, an online targeting organization. With the merge, Acxiom's advertiser base will have more options in targeting ad campaigns. >>

Research | September 19, 2007

Online retailers spruce up their websites

Online retailers are reacting to increasing discrimination toward website functionality and customer service by giving their online presence a major facelift. >>