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BizReport : July 6, 2007 Archive

July 6, 2007 Archive

Research | July 06, 2007

Online buying decisions taking longer

A soon-to-be-released report on digital window shopping has found that online shoppers are currently taking longer to make a buying decision than they did a couple of years ago. >>

Research | July 06, 2007

Facebook's visitor numbers soar

Facebook has seen its number of unique site visitors soar 89 percent in the period between May 2006 and May 2007, according to recent comScore traffic reports. Just over 26 million unique visitors were recorded in May this year. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 06, 2007

Different mobile ad formats appeal to different users

More than targeting for specific user groups, mobile advertisers need to use the correct ad delivery method. According to a recent study from MoMac, consumers are more likely to respond to ads in a format that they like. >>

Research | July 06, 2007

Social network appeals to "lost" generation

A new social network has launched that promises to put advertisers in touch with the lost generation. What is the lost generation? Called "Generation Jones", this group of online users is between the Boomer Generation and Generation X and could be a lifeline for online marketers. >>

Search Marketing | July 06, 2007

Online searchers spend more in-store

Users who search for information on electronics purchases online spend more in brick-and-mortar stores according to a recent study from Yahoo and ChannelForce. The study revealed that consumers who used a search engine for research spent 10% more than consumers who did not. >>

Research | July 06, 2007

Online shopping cart abandonment rates high

Many customers abandon their online shopping carts during the purchase process, new data gives some insight as to why this happens. >>