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BizReport : July 2, 2007 Archive

July 2, 2007 Archive

Advertising | July 02, 2007

One-to-one marketing comes to display advertising

SmartAds, launched this week by Yahoo, is a new display advertising tool that allows online ads to be tailored to each individual viewer. >>

Research | July 02, 2007

Spammers employ psychological tactics to fool users

A study by McAfee, called “Mind Games”, tells how spammers are using psychological games and other tactics to give them apparent legitimacy. >>

Search Marketing | July 02, 2007

New Ask, Google search platforms are compared

Just about one month ago, redesigned their search results pages, offering results from across the Internet spectrum - blogs, news hubs and product pages. Some say, the redesign offers much cleaner results. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 02, 2007

Mobile video shows 198% subscriber increase

In the past year, subscribers to mobile video platforms have nearly doubled. However, with only about 4% of the total mobile audience logging on for video are advertisers wasting money by creating mobile video ads? >>

Research | July 02, 2007

Tourism, shopping bring more Europeans online

Typical summer activities continue to bring more Europeans online. According to new research from comScore, both French and German surfers boosted traffic to tourism and shopping web hubs. Researchers also found that many French websites are now drawing international traffic. >>

Search Marketing | July 02, 2007

Another Yahoo Panama feature update

More updates to Yahoo’s Panama sees the search advertising platform slowly catching up with its rival, Google's AdSense. >>