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BizReport : Search Marketing : June 19, 2007

AdWords adds IP exclusion feature

Last week Google announced the launch of Placement Performance Reports. Now they have provided another tool to give advertisers even more control over where their ads will appear.

by Helen Leggatt

google%20adwords%20logo.gifThe new Google AdWords feature is called IP Exclusion. As the name suggests, it allows advertisers to exclude up to 20 specific IP addresses per campaign. As per the Placement Performance Reports launched last week, the IP Exclusion tool will give advertisers even more control over who sees their ads.

There are a few reasons why an advertiser might want to block an IP address. Blocking competitor IP addresses would result in less click fraud and blocking internal IP addresses will stop accidental clicks from employees and agencies. Bad or high risk IP addresses can also be blocked, along with MFA sites.

The Google AdWords Help Center warns that advertisers should choose IP addresses to exclude carefully. “Some large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use a range of IP addresses for all their users. If you exclude an IP address that is a proxy for many users, you could be blocking a large amount of legitimate, and potentially profitable traffic,” advises Google.

Tags: click fraud, Google AdWords, IP exclusion

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  • Helen,

    It's a very interesting feature indeed.

    I think it was a wise idea on their behalf to limit this to just 20 IPs to prevent advertisers from going overboard with this. But overall, any additional control to the advertisers is a good thing. It's just a shame that they don't currently offer a breakdown on the clicks that they charge the advertiser for.

    Then again, that just gives more power to the 3rd party click fraud monitoring tools - so I can't complain.

    Boris Mordkovich

  • This is definitely a terrific development.

    This way, if an advertiser suspects a certain competitor or publisher is abusing their ads, they can put a stop to that.

    Good move on Google's part!

    Boris Mordkovich



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