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BizReport : June 18, 2007 Archive

June 18, 2007 Archive

Trends & Ideas | June 18, 2007

Rich media brings telecoms back from the dead

It isn't just users who are benefiting from the surge in content creation and delivery related to blogs, uploaded videos and other forms of rich media. Telecom companies can credit these forms of broadband usage for bringing their companies back into the black. >>

Research | June 18, 2007

Yahoo sites the #1 web property in May

Movies and politics. Those are the subjects that drove the majority of US web traffic in May. As the summer blockbuster season took off and more voters began researching political candidates search engines and subject-specific portals saw a huge increase in traffic. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 18, 2007

Premium SMS revenue equals 1/3 of mobile spend

Premium text messaging and purchasing content from premium off-portal storefronts are quickly becoming the biggest revenue streams for mobile marketers. According to a new report from Telephia, premium services account for more than 1/3 of the total mobile spend. >>

Research | June 18, 2007

Industrial sector to increase online marketing budgets

Over half of businesses within the industrial sector will be increasing their marketing budgets this year, according to GlobalSpec’s latest survey. >>

Ecommerce | June 18, 2007

Is the e-commerce industry slowing down?

A report in the New York Times, claiming a slowdown in e-commerce, has online tongues wagging. >>

Social Marketing | June 18, 2007

Uploaders wield digital power recently researched a group of internet users who are driving social media and, they say, marketers would be wise to engage them. >>