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BizReport : June 5, 2007 Archive

June 5, 2007 Archive

Trends & Ideas | June 05, 2007 goes 3D

First there was, then simply, and now there’s Ask 3D as the search engine reinvents itself once again. >>

Research | June 05, 2007

U.K. top online ad spender in Europe

The U.K. accounted for the largest ad spend in Europe last year, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (Europe). >>

Search Marketing | June 05, 2007

Yahoo introduces quality-based pricing

Yahoo Search Marketing has begun to roll out the next phase of Panama and has this week announced the introduction of quality-based pricing. >>

Research | June 05, 2007

Europeans online longer, more often than Americans

Marketers with a good online presence will likely benefit from European users. According to a new study, Europeans go online more often and stay online for longer periods of time than Americans. >>

Research | June 05, 2007

Narrowstep records 122% revenue growth

Online video naysayers should take note. One broadband video provider is raking in the dough, recording a 122% revenue increase for their fiscal year, which ended in February. Narrowstep showed revenue increases of 122% ($6 million) and a distribution increase of 192% ($4.4 million) for the fiscal year. >>

Social Marketing | June 05, 2007

Social networking is popular with business people

Forget the morning coffee clatch or afternoons spent at the watercooler, today's business professionals - the demographic that most marketers want to appeal to - are socializing online. According to a new study, social networks are the key to targeting young professionals. >>