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BizReport : Research archives : May 30, 2007

Gender split in attitude toward Google

More men than women consider Google is becoming too commercial, according to new research conducted in the U.K. by search agency bigmouthmedia.

by Helen Leggatt

bigmouthmedia%20logo.jpgThe survey asked over 1,000 U.K. internet users, evenly representing gender and age, the question “Is Google becoming too commercial?”. While 23 percent of women answered no, 35 percent of men said yes.

“The public’s opinion of Google and of any search engine is an important indicator to us,” said Andrew Girdwood of bigmouthmedia. “Opinion hints at possible future shifts in market share. It is important for a digital marketing agency to be aware of the psychology of the search landscape. Searchers will react differently to advertisements on Google as their opinion of the search engine changes.”

Overall, a third of internet users thought that Google was becoming too commercial, 37 percent disagreed and 34 percent didn’t know.

When Chris Sherman of SearchEngineLand was asked why he thought the public were becoming less forgiving of Google, he commented, "Google now dominates in so many areas that some people perceive it as all-powerful or arrogant. In some ways, that's true - but Google still adheres to its "do no evil" mantra in my opinion."

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