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BizReport : Research archives : May 10, 2007

90 percent of Asian Americans go online

Key findings have recently been released about Asian American consumer behaviour, in particular their internet usage and ad language preferences.

by Helen Leggatt

California-based interTrend surveyed 1,380 Asian Americans nationwide and found that nearly 90 percent are online. Americans of Indian and Chinese origin were found to spend the most hours online, and young Asian Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are the largest internet users.

“Marketers are increasingly committed to capitalising on the Asian American consumer market opportunity,” said Tanya Raukko, Director of Strategic Planning at interTrend Communications, via the New Strait Times Online.

When it comes to advertising messages, only 17 percent prefer English-only treatments. The majority prefer in-language or bi-lingual advertising. Eighty percent of Asian Americans consume ethnic media with print having the highest penetration followed by TV and radio.

Overall, interTrend’s findings revealed that “Asian Americans are highly receptive to culturally relevant messaging and targeted marketing”.

“There is definitely a hunger to understand this segment’s distinct preferences and our goal for the study was to be able to offer marketers relevant data, insights and valid entry points to help them build their business case,” said Raukko.

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  • icanspell

    This is bunch of nonsense. Statistics mean nothing without a frame of reference. Did interTrend do the same survey for other "ethnic" groups? What the study *appears* to be saying is that you have to market to people in their native language. No shit. Also, I don't know why the 90% is significant, but I don't know ANYONE over 16 years old (other than my grandmother) who doesn't use the Internet. And she sure isn't between 24-35. Let's think twice before we put trash like this on the "interweb". I swear, people are getting dumber and dumber every day.



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