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BizReport : May 7, 2007 Archive

May 7, 2007 Archive

Ecommerce | May 07, 2007

Consumers research products online, buy offline

A report to be released by Forrester Research later this week reveals that most consumers are researching online, but buying offline. >>

Advertising | May 07, 2007

Large ad formats popular with European marketers

A new report, based on over 300 billion online ad impressions, shows that European marketers are demanding larger, and more interactive, ads. >>

Research | May 07, 2007

Advertisers direct more ads to the Hispanic population

In another sign that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing minority population in America, advertisers spent almost 15% more on ads targeted to the Hispanic population in 2006. >>

Blogs & Content | May 07, 2007

Social and travel sites gain traffic in Europe

Staying connected seemed to be on the minds of more European web-surfers throughout the month of March. According to online measurement firm comScore, social networking sites were the destinations of choice for French and UK browsers. >>

Research | May 07, 2007

Will advertisers go for "TiVo-proof" ads?

With more consumers choosing to DVR favorite programs to watch as they have time or switching to online versions of their favorite shows sans all of those pesky commercial breaks, many analysts have said that traditional television advertising is going down the tubes. Marketers worried about the ROI of television ad campaigns should take note of a new kind of ad, said to be "TiVo-proof". >>

Research | May 07, 2007

15 percent of U.S. adults are not connected

A new report from Pew Internet & American Life Project has uncovered some interesting insights into the use of technology by the American public. >>