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BizReport : April 11, 2007 Archive

April 11, 2007 Archive

Search Marketing | April 11, 2007

Google leads March search queries

Industries seeing a large burst of traffic should thank Google. Not only did Google lead the search-query pack in March, but the search engine is also the leading factor for visits to key industry websites. >>

Search Marketing | April 11, 2007

Search spend to increase 25% in 2007

New research indicates a large growth spurt for search engine marketing throughout 2007. More than 25% of companies with annual revenues over $50 million say they plan to increase their search spend by 25% or more this year. >>

Research | April 11, 2007

Can opt-in ads boost online video revenue?

People are watching. According to numerous studies, more and more users are logging on to the Internet for video - entire television shows, movie trailers and user-generated content are a few options. However, online advertisers have yet to come up with a tried and true method of monetizing that content. Could there be one? >>

Research | April 11, 2007

Females account for over half U.S. online population

Over half of the U.S. online population is female, according to new research by eMarketer, and big businesses are developing content and services directed purely at their female audiences. >>

Trends & Ideas | April 11, 2007

Wilfers waste time on the web

The internet has spawned a new group of individuals who aimlessly wander the web and who are not quite sure what they logged on for. >>

Search Marketing | April 11, 2007

Yahoo closing click-through-rate gap on Google

While Yahoo’s click-through rates for search ads have risen in recent months, Google’s have fallen, suggesting Panama is paying off. >>