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BizReport : March 23, 2007 Archive

March 23, 2007 Archive

Research | March 23, 2007

MySpace top of brand search and traffic rankings

MySpace has come out top in a recent ranking of U.S. social networking site traffic, and was the most searched brand of 2006. >>

Research | March 23, 2007

ComScore: Most online videos watched 5-8pm

For those who think online video is taking the place of traditional television watching, think again. According to a new study from ComScore, primetime for online video is actually earlier than primetime for network television. >>

Research | March 23, 2007

Travel sites are upgrading to include reviews

With more consumers turning to the Internet to research travel destinations and make travel bookings, travel websites are seeing record-breaking numbers. To keep users on-site longer, many travel sites are offering value-added content such as reviews. >>

Trends & Ideas | March 23, 2007

Web self-service help lacking on UK websites

An assessment of 125 major UK companies found very few were offering satisfactory web self-service help, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss of revenue. >>

Trends & Ideas | March 23, 2007

Media giants team up to take on YouTube

Hoping to gain back control of their content, and create a revenue stream of their own, several media giants are teaming up for a new streaming video service that will challenge YouTube. >>

Research | March 23, 2007

Player-per-copy metric required for in-game advertising

The videogame industry, today’s fastest growing entertainment business, has a desirable demographic that is notoriously hard to reach, and offers advertisers unique opportunities for exposure. But what might be needed to boost marketing spend on this channel? >>