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BizReport : Email Marketing : January 22, 2007

Boost Revenue Using Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are an essential part of a customer contact strategy, and many marketers aren’t utilising them to best effect.

by Helen Leggatt

After you have spent a significant amount of time, creative effort and marketing budget acquiring an online customer - they finally delight you with a purchase. What do you do? You send them a boring, text only, order confirmation or delivery note.


According to the results of a new study by Silverpop, an email service provider, into 84 top online retailers’ use of transactional emails, marketers aren’t taking full advantage of this opportunity at a time when email communications are almost guaranteed to be read and have the potential to increase revenue.

"Far too many companies allow their companies' IT departments to send static, text-only messages," said Elaine O'Gorman of Silverpop. "When control over transactional messaging resides outside of the marketing function, the e-mails often lack cross-sell and up-sell promotional content that can boost revenue."

Silverpop's report also revealed that, of the stores involved in the study, only a third promoted e-newsletters or promotional mailings in their transactional emails and just 20 percent used them as a tool to cross- or up-sell their products.

"Savvy marketers recognize the power of transactional e-mails to enhance customer relationships, solidify branding and cross-sell and up-sell additional products, because transactional e-mails reach customers at a time when they are most likely thinking about the company in a positive light," said O'Gorman.

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  • Completely agree that "Transactional Emails" are typically not well designed nor have any marketing/sales input.

    Companies like Amazon and take great advantage of this "last touch point".

    What we have found is that there are two ways to enhance your "transactional emails":

    1) Use a high end solution which has to integrate into your databases, requires technical input, development work, etc (like Amazon)

    2) Use an "auto-generated email enhancer", which takes the existing email you produce and enhances it on the fly. This route is really cost effective and with the right solution is easy for marketing/sales to manage. Have a look at which shows how to do it.



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