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BizReport : Blogs & Content : September 07, 2006

Hoax or Not Internet Vigilantes in China Hunt a Sex Blogger

In China, Internet Vigilantes continue the hunt for the author of a blog headlined “Sex in Shanghai: Western Scoundrel in Shanghai Tells All.”

by William White

The posting which revealed a foreign English teacher boasting of his sexual conquests of Chinese women enraged a Shanghai psychologist.

Zhang Jiehai, a member of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences responded in his Web diary with a call for “this piece of garbage” to be found and kicked out of China.

McClatchy Newspapers special correspondent Fan Linjun writing in the San Jose Mercury Newspaper, said the case of a foreign writer who goes by the Internet name ‘Chinabounder’ is only the latest example of internet vigilantes who stir up mobs, to ferret out those they perceive to be acting improperly.

As the internet frenzy mounts, The Associated Press is reporting that the blog was a hoax by a group of artists including a British man, two Chinese men, an Australian Woman and a Japanese woman.

However, Chinese Internet users who doubt that the blog is a hoax continue the manhunt.

In an unrelated report on the use (or abuse) of the Internet the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has reported that the Beijing police have closed down an Internet website that sold guns. It said 44 suspects had been arrested and 117 guns were confiscated.

This is the first gun-trading case via the Internet cracked by Chinese police this year. Xu Jingfeng, a police officer of the bureau said the buyers and sellers contacted each other through the internet and made payments through internet banks.

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  • LARedneck

    I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to read this much discussed Blog before its removal. Apparently, from what I can read, it MAY have been a hoax with intents unknown. Perhaps this was not a hoax. Regardless, it has apparently opened the floodgates of discussion on culture, racism, sexuality in China, etc. For these reasons only, it may be a good thing.

    Dialogue here, or any forum, on matters of sexuality, politics, religion, the environment, human rights, cultures, etc. can only be a good thing. All people’s opinion has some merit.

    I am an American planning to teach at a renown University in Shanghai in 2007. I hope to be able to, in some small way, help further alleviate the still present xenophobia that still exists in China. Before I am attacked, let me say this.

    Socially China is about 30 years behind the USA, but trying So hard to close this gap. For decades, until the 1980’s, American white males were intimidated of the myth of the black man’s sexual endowment and prowess. Then they began to realize the myth was false and USA women, Asian women and women worldwide were less interested in myths than in a mans ability to commit to a long-term loving relationship, fidelity and his ability to provide for her and any children.

    No country “owns” their native women. I suggest if any Chinese men feel intimidated or threatened by foreigners that they first stop, take a deep breath or two, and take a look at themselves and their peers. Maybe they should do extensive readings and research on Internet website and Blogs to read what their Chinese Sisters write about concerning their attitudes towards Chinese men. Take a hard look. Maybe you will not feel good, flattered, feel you have lost “Face”, etc. However, I submit, continuing to be in a state of denial will not solve any problems.

    The Chinese male must understand their days as “The King, Emperor”, “Ruler of the Roost”, etc. are over in China. Chinese women are sexually liberated, a growing fixture in the workplace and not a second class sex to be kept at home when the man feels like playing with her. They have feelings, needs, choices and free to act on them.

    I am sorry if I have offended anyone’s senses, feelings, etc. The fact remains, the subject of so much controversy was probably a Chinese, in my opinion, are as a society the most philosophical. They should remember a "Fire without air will not burn". All this air they have they provided to this obvious BS has fueled a small ember into a mega-fire hoax. If not, at very least it should evoke some serious thought and introspect.



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