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BizReport : Trends & Ideas archives : September 12, 2006

Can Transparent Marketing Improve The Bottom Line?

Did you know that the average consumers sees 577 new marketing messages each week? Between email, snail mail, banner ads and commercials consumers are bombarded every day with new messages. The more startling fact is that they don’t believe them.

by Kristina Knight

According to a study from Marketing Experiments, most consumers believe less than 1 percent of the messages they hear each week. With those kinds of numbers what is a marketing department to do?

The best resource may be to begin Transparent Marketing. The basic formula of T.M. is to tell the truth. The verifiable truth. Instead of having a full page dedicated to half-truths and clipped sound-bites the consumer won’t believe anyway, clean the goop.
• Strip the ad of all information that is not absolutely accurate.
• Purge vague modifiers. All those subjective adverbs, adjectives and prepositional phrases that sound interesting? Get rid of them.
• Don’t toot your own horn. Let repeat customers, peers and reviewers do your bragging for you.
• Substitute descriptions for specific facts
• Admit your weaknesses
This form of marketing works with today’s consumers because they don’t believe hype. They are bombarded every day by “one and only”, “absolute best” messages that most of the time they substitute “hype” for “sales message/commercial”.

The only way to increase your bottom line is for consumers to hear your message and for that message to be among the 1 percent they retain. A transparent, truthful message may be the way to do that.

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