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BizReport : September 25, 2006 Archive

September 25, 2006 Archive

Search Marketing | September 25, 2006

Quantcast Makes It Easier To Advertise On Smaller Sites

A new online advertising service is claiming to facilitate marketers reaching the niche areas of the web as effectively as top sites. Quantcast, a start-up firm in San Francisco, has over the past twelve months quietly been building up an arsenal of data covering 100,000 demographic profiles of smaller sites. >>

Advertising | September 25, 2006

Click Fraud Runs Up To USD1 Billion

A recent article published by Business Week shows that click fraud leads to damage of roughly USD1 billion per year. Online advertiser confidence in this marketing option is waning. >>

Email Marketing | September 25, 2006

Email: Still Viable?

The short answer is yes. But for those online marketers still utilizing the medium as their main source of online revenue, the answer isn’t as clear. >>

Ecommerce | September 25, 2006

Is there a way to end click fraud?

You’ve seen their dizzying advertisements and probably bit the Pay-Per-Click ad phenomenon, but more and more online marketers are finding their PPC rates growing by leaps and bounds and their income from PPC ads staying at subterranean levels. >>

Advertising | September 25, 2006

Microsoft Streamlining Ads

Wanting to make ad buying simpler for more advertisers, Microsoft is launching a new program that will allow media buyers to purchase ad space across the board. >>

Advertising | September 25, 2006

Is Ad Spending Really Going To Decline?

Search giant Yahoo’s shocking news last week that both brand and search advertisement spending is slowing down, has not convinced all opinion leaders in the marketing world. Several decision makers in large companies have indicated they managed to get authorization for bigger budgets the second half of this year. >>